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    Realtors want our clients to feel that their real estate transactions are easy when they work with a professional. And they can be; however, there are also many things that can happen, quite unexpectedly, despite everyone’s best efforts. PROFESSIONAL REALTORS know that we have a lot going on behind the scenes that our clients may not realize, or even care about. Their desire is to have a seamless transaction, first and foremost, and our goal is to make that happen. We help people meet their needs by taking care of everything that goes into their transaction, whether it’s listing their property or finding them their next home. Through our personal codes of conduct, as well as our professional code, we hope to earn a satisfied client, which is amazing! It’s what keeps most of us in this business, isn’t it? We love helping people.

    Real estate is a people business. We deal with clients, other agents, banks, appraisers, inspectors, repairmen, front office contacts from various real estate offices, and a slew of other individuals. So much goes on behind the scene that is pivotal in making a transaction a journey that ends with a positive impression. This is done through distinct service and mastering pricing strategies for your market.

    Creating Client Confidence
    When I decided to make real estate my career, twelve plus years ago, I knew that I was going to seek out ways to my clients feel at ease. I wanted them to recognize the value I brought to their transaction. A huge mistake many Realtors make is minimizing what they do, making the client feel that we are not worth the price. A professional Realtor, one who understands the business as a whole, as well as specific aspects of it, is worth the price. How could I relay this? I saw only one answer:

    I needed to give my clients stellar service, and it was imperative that I understand the pricing of my market, and which strategies were best according to current trends and buy/sell patterns. This was best achieved through showing how I could help, not telling clients what I was doing. It wasn’t my job to sell me; it was my job to sell the property. In turn, it worked out so clients wanted to work with me because they knew I understood how to work for them.

    Realizing this was the breath that put life into my business. I began to brainstorm, taking advantage of my ingenuity and the information that already existed. I committed to finding a different way to look at it; one that stayed in compliance, obviously, but also made the statement to my prospective clients and referrals that said, “This real estate game isn’t what it used to be. There is a new, and better, way to do things.”

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    NVAR Life Time Top Producer , RE/MAX Hall of Fame

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